L&B Services Launches Into Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station and Electric Infrastructure Improvements Installation at Lightning Speed

Our recently formed sister company, Dynamic EVC, will provide the latest charging technology for commercial vehicle charging operations.

In 2020 Dynamic EVC began evolving to be a more comprehensive provider of electric charging technology, business services, and expertise. Combine that with L&B Services comprehensive knowledge in underground utilities. We will help clients maximize the potential of every project.

L&B Services has partnered with multiple charging companies such as ABB, Blink, Bosch, Electrictrify America, Tellus Power Green, EVOCharge, Tesla, and Tritium to bring the best (LEVEL 2 AC EV IQ 200 CHARGING STATIONS) available to our customers. We will also be installing Tritium level 3 fast chargers. We make solving today’s Sustainable Infrastructure challenges simple and intuitive. Partner with us to advance your Transportation Charging plans. From Planning to Powering, we help you move forward with confidence. We provide solutions, options, resources, and electric infrastructure technologies.

To learn more about our level 2 AC EV IQ 200 system click here.

Our most powerful charger

  • Capable of providing up to 350 km (217 mi) of range to an EV in 10 minutes or less
  • Charges any EV on the market, automatically choosing the correct power level for each model’s battery
  • Built for any environment, thriving in temperatures from -35°C to +50°C (-31°F to +122°F)
  • Engineered for safety, with standard cable management for hazard reduction
  • Access to real-time data
  • Custom branding

350kW high-powered charger

Tritium’s 350kW high-powered chargers are the heavy lifters in the global EV charging environment. Whether you manage a network of highway rest stops where EV drivers seek a fast charge, or you operate a fleet of heavy-duty mining vehicles, the PK350 is up to the challenge. This flexible and scalable system can be designed to suit your layout requirements. The power units can be located away from the small user units so you can maximize your site’s space while still providing the high-power charging you need.

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