EV Charging Station Installs

Electric Vehicle Commercial Charging Consultation, Installation, and Service

If you’re considering an electric vehicle fleet for your business or supporting them at your location for employees, residents, or customers, we can help.

L&B Services has a long history in high voltage electric infrastructure upgrades for City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri, and many others. We have also installed fiber optic to businesses for networking and telecommunications over the last ten (10) years. Now we’re applying that knowledge, expertise, and ability to tackle even the most difficult jobs, to electric vehicle charging (EVC) design and implementation.

Our recently formed sister company, Dynamic EVC, will provide the latest charging technology for commercial vehicle charging operations. We recently installed infrastructure and Tesla chargers in Joplin, MO, and are the wholesale distributor for Blink and other equipment for this region.

New to EV’s, wanting to upgrade or expand, we can help. If you need to learn how to maximize grants, rebates, and incentives offered by state, federal, and local governments, contact us today. Electrical vehicles are here, is your company ready?

Please email us at jlorenz@borntobore.com for a free no-cost presentation.

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